Summer Robotics


Welcome to the Enchanting World of RoboThink Land!

As the newest rollercoaster engineer, your child will embark on a thrilling adventure to create the most incredible amusement park ever! Using motors, axles, gears, and more, they'll bring their imagination to life by designing and constructing a wide variety of thrilling theme park rides. From the majestic Ferris Wheel to the heart-pounding rollercoaster, get ready for a whirlwind of excitement and fun!

No prior experience necessary– just come prepared to let your creativity run wild!

 RoboThink is the world's leader in teaching robotics and coding to children in grades 1st-6th using their 100% proprietary products. They have a large presence in over 35 countries. This is the first program of its kind being offered in Parsippany. Children will use critical thinking, spatial awareness and problem solving skills to build their own robot, use their imagination to make it bigger and better and then they will have a great time battling. The children never want the class to be over and they will all say, "I love robotics!".

  • Dates

    Wednesdays, July 10 - August 14

  • Fees

    *$10 Additional for nonresident 

  • Grades/ Times

    Gr. 1 - 3 at 5-6:30PM
    Gr. 4 - 5 at 6:45-8:15PM
    *Grade for the 24/25 School Year.

  • Registration Deadline

    July 8