Adult Basketball League

Adult Basketball League Rules - PAL

Each Team is required to place 5 'registered' Team players on the Court for each game.  A team 'may' play with 4 players and the opposing team has the right to decide whether they 'match' 4 players or play with the normal '5.'  Whatever decision the opposing Team makes is final - and the game will be counted as official.  ALL players must be registered at the PAL - if a player on any team is not registered and plays, the PAL has the authority to forfeit the game score and disqualify the player for future contests.

(2) - 20 Minute Halves - Running Clock

  • Clock will stop UNDER 2 Minutes in each half (on every whistle)
  • Clock will RUN on Free Throws (10 second Free Throw Violation is applicable)

2-30 Second Timeouts Per Team, Per Half - "Use it or Lose it"

Full-Court Pressing is ONLY allowed under 2 minutes in each Half.  Otherwise, the Defense can pick up at Half Court only (The Offense must be able to achieve '2' feet into half court before the Defense is applied).  1st Full Court press violation is a warning - subsequent warnings will result in a 1-shot technical foul, as these violations slow down the offense.

2s and 3s are counted, per normal basketball rules

All Basketball fouls and violations are enforced

  • 7 Team fouls in a Half will result in 'Double Bonus' and '2' free throws will be awarded for every foul thereafter

Please be respectful to all Players, Teams, and Officials.  Any player that receives 2 technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the contest and suspended 1 game.  Further violations will be subject to PAL administration and further disciplinary action.

Men's Basketball League

The Parsippany PAL is proud to host the Men's Adult Basketball League!
Our adult league is open to Teams only, ages 35 and older. Adult Basketball is a great way to stay fit, be competitive, and socialize!
Registration fee includes league play, officials/scoreboard operator fees and awards for the Champions!
Regular Season Games are held on Mondays evenings, with playoffs to follow. Call your friends, get your co-workers together, and let's lace them up!
Who will be the last team standing?
For Team Registration Only: Team Captain's will create/register themselves & their teammate can register can select their team when they register.
Team Captain's must register first.
  • Season/Dates

    Regular Season Games:
    Mondays, April 8 - May 20

    Playoffs Dates:
    Mondays, June 3 - June 24
    *Schedule will be determined after registration is complete.

  • Fees

    $125 per player
    *additional $10 for nonresidents.
    *All fees include league play & officials fees.

  • Ages

    Men's League 35+

  • Registration Deadline

    March 27