Rec Basketball Grades 3-12


Team will have a 9+ regular season game schedule followed
by a season ending tournament or event.



with any questions.

UPDATE: 1/10/23

To All Coaches and Parents: 50/50 Raffle Tickets

 Thank you so much for participating in the 2023 Parsippany PAL Basketball Rec Season...Our Games and Season have started and we are on our way!!!

 All Coaches received '50/50 Raffle Books' as part of their equipment pick-up, and soon will be distributing those to each player/parent.  As the PAL continues to upgrade programs, bring new sports/activities in, and upkeep the facility, fundraising is an important element to supporting the PAL.  The 'Covid era' unfortunately hit the PAL hard (along with many other families and businesses) and we chose 'not' to initiate and endure any additional fundraising opportunities last year, as we wanted to better support our Community.  Fundraising is an important element to a non-profit organization, and it better helps the PAL to keep costs in line, maintain the large facility, and continue to invite our community in to stay in shape and have some fun!  We sincerely appreciate all your efforts and understanding, as we fundraise 'together,' to support the Parsippany PAL!

 Each player will receive '2' books of 50/50 raffle tickets (20 tickets in total).  Our 'ask' is that each player sells all '20' tickets - to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  The deadline to sell all tickets and have the 'stubs' returned the PAL is March 1st. The 50/50 drawing will take place on March 18th.  At that point, we will sort through and begin the process of ‘giving back’ your work bond. If any parent decides NOT to participate in the 50/50 raffle program, the Volunteer Bond will be charged in lieu, as described during the registration and welcoming process. We do ask you to return the form and unsold tickets to the PAL as well.

 The 50/50 Raffle/Fundraising is such an important element for the PAL, and it better helps us support YOU...Our community!  Thank you so much your support!

** UPDATE FOR 12/21/2022 -

Hello PAL Parents! Please check your email for our season update email which includes game and work bond information. It was sent out on 12/21/2022.

** UPDATE FOR 11/23/2022 -

Recreation Basketball Evaluations are now complete - and the PAL (in conjunction with our volunteer coaches) are in the process of creating and setting Teams.  Teams should be completed and set by 11/30.  All Coaches will then reach out to their players and parents, to introduce themselves and prepare for practices to start.  We plan to get ALL Teams on the court for their first practices during the week of 12/10.

Boys 3/4: 11 Teams. 9 coaches confirmed.  Need 2 more
Boys 5/6: 9 Teams. 6 coaches confirmed.  Need 3 more
Boys 7/8: 9 Teams.  ALL SET
Boys HS: 3 Teams ALL SET

Girls 3/4: 5 Teams. 3 Coaches confirmed.  Need 2 More
Girls 5/6: 4 Teams. 1 Coaches confirmed.  Need 3 more
Girls 7/8: 2 Teams. 1 coach confirmed.  Need 1 more

Thanks in advance for your help here and looking forward to getting on the court soon!

** UPDATE FOR 11/17/2022 -

Hello ALL and Welcome to Parsippany PAL Recreation Basketball,

First, THANK YOU...We are so happy to have you and we look forward to a fun and exciting Season!  Also, Recreation basketball is built on volunteer coaches - YOU are the heroes!  Thank you so much for your time and coaching our youth!  Thank you everyone for your commitment and support (Parents make this all happen!) - we will get on the Court real soon!

Now that Recreation evaluations have finished - we are working on creating the Teams.  We have begun that process, and should finish up early next week.

BUT - we are STILL in need of more head coaches - or the Teams can't get published and we can't get on the court. For anyone that has registered as either a Head Coach or No Preference - I have currently assigned a 'Head Coach' spot.  I have all Assistant Coaches noted, but I do please ask, that you consider taking on a Head Coach position - we need ya!  If you did NOT register as a Coach (online) but intend/plan on Coaching, GREAT - please contact me ASAP With that, our numbers are below:

Boys 3/4: 11 Teams.  We have 6 Head Coaches
Boys 5/6: 9 Teams.  We have 3 Head Coaches
Boys 7/8: 9 Teams.  We have ALL!
Boys High School: 3 Teams.  We have ALL!

Girls 3/4: 5 Teams.  We have 4 Head Coaches
Girls 5/6: 4 Teams.  We have 1 Head Coach
Girls 7/8: 2 Teams: We have 1 Head Coach

I need your help.  We can't get started until we have all Teams established with a Head Coach OR Coaching group.  If any Assistant Coaches want to partner up, and coach together, that would be great and help out tremendously.  Also, I need your help talking to friends, other parents, relatives, etc - we need to fill these coaching vacancies.

This is priority one as we continue to make Teams and get ready for the Season.

Thanks in advance for your help here and looking forward to getting on the court soon!

** UPDATE FOR 11/16/2022 -

Hello PAL Parents and Coaches! Thank you for attending evaluations. We had our last evaluation last night, 11/15 and everything went great. If you were unable to attend an evaluation, we will still place your child on a team. We will be working through making teams and assigning coaches over the next 2 weeks. Coaches will be notified of their team roster over the next couple of weeks and parents should hear from their coach just after Thanksgiving. Coaches, we will be sending more information regarding the season and the coaches meeting within the next week so be sure to check your email regularly. We have a tentative practice start date of 12/10. Thank you everyone and we look forward to the upcoming season!

** UPDATE FOR 11/2/2022 -

Hello PAL Parents and Coaches! Please check your email for our welcome email which includes all the evaluation dates and times.

** UPDATE FOR 10/18/2022 -

Hello PAL Parents and Coaches!

Now that our Rec Basketball registration period is winding down, we wanted to provide you with an update.  Overall, our boy registration numbers look very good - excited about the upcoming Season!  Our 3rd/4th grade boy registrations are very strong, and we have additional registrants currently on the wait list.  We would like to continue to add Teams at the 3rd/4th grade level, but we will need more volunteer head and assistant coaches to do so.  Please help us continue to grow the program, and consider volunteering to coach/help coach at the 3rd/4th grade level...Thank you in advance!  Our Boys High School division is currently only at '2' Teams - we welcome more High School registrants to grow this division...tell all your friends and family!

Our Girls' divisions are still welcoming more registrants - especially in our older groups (5th-8th grade).  We need more registrants, and more Teams to ensure we can provide enough parody (and games to play).

We are also in need of more Volunteer Coaches - at every level and division.  Volunteer Coaches are the heartbeat of the Recreation Basketball season, and without coaches, we can't provide a thorough Season.  Please consider coaching and/or helping to coach this upcoming Season - we appreciate the consideration.

As we continue to build registration numbers and obtain more volunteer coaches, our Coaches Meeting will be postponed.  Please consider registering to be a Coach - signups are on the PAL website (  If you have questions, please email BASKETBALL@PARSIPPANYPAL.ORG