Chess Club

Spring Chess Club

Come Join us on select Friday evenings for our Open Chess Club and Play.  Led by Student Volunteers, Jessica & Justin, and Master Chess Players, join us for this open play and practice format.  This club is open to Youth and Adults, those interested in practicing, playing, and learning more about Chess.  Participants will be matched up with game-play opportunities, in round-robin format.  Learn from your opponents, each other, and your Volunteer Leaders!  All materials provided - join us and enjoy!


  • Club Meeting Dates

    Friday Evenings: 7-9PM
    April 14th
    May 12th
    June 2nd
    July 7th

  • Cost

    *$10 Additional for nonresident 

  • Groups

    Grades 5-8
    Grades 9-12
    Adults 18+ (No longer in HS)

  • Registration Deadline

    April 7th